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Camp Canada Job Fairs: How I Got Hired

Hello! My name is Anna and I’m from Dublin in Ireland. I'm part of the Camp Canada by Nyquest team in Toronto. I work on the Intake side of things, so I process applications and interview Camp Canada applicants.

Author: Anna
23 Jan 14:58

I originally came through the Camp Canada program as an applicant in 2016. I knew summer camp would be perfect for me when I heard about in 6th year. I still did the 6th year holiday in Magaluf after the Leaving Cert and went interrailing around Europe after my first year of college, but when it came around to the year of the J1, I decided to break away and apply to the Camp Canada program.

I went along to Camp Canada's job fair in Dublin with the hope of landing myself a job at summer camp. I spoke with lots of directors and got a feel for the different types of camps across Canada. The Camp Canada team were also there to help guide me to the camps they thought would be right for me. I secured a job as a General Counsellor at a camp in Northern Ontario and that's where I have spent my last three summers.

The job fair was a great opportunity to meet with both Camp Directors and the Camp Canada team face to face. It put my many nerves and shaking hands at ease and made me excited for my first summer at camp.

Camp Canada helped me through the entire process. They organise your Canadian work permit, which means you don't have to use your two year working holiday visa. Also, you have an orientation day when you arrive in Canada. This gives you the chance to learn more about camp, meet other Camp Canada participants, and not to mention stopping off at Tim Hortons!

Summer camp has literally changed my life. I've met people from all over the world, explored new places, learnt new skills and had the opportunity to be a role model to children. And of course, I've moved across the globe to be part of the Camp Canada team.

Breaking away from the crowd and doing something different was the best decision I ever made. It seemed crazy and scary at the time but I haven't looked back since.

Embrace the nerves and shaky hands because one summer at camp can change your life.

That's how I got hired at the Camp Canada Job Fair in Dublin! Thanks for reading.


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