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meet our office view.

Quiénes somos y qué hacemos

Somos un grupo de personas apasionadas y dedicadas que aman el campamento de verano. Haremos un esfuerzo adicional para que tu aventura canadiense sea lo más fluida, fácil y agradable posible.

Ya sea que hayamos asistido por primera vez como campistas o como consejeros, no hay nada que amemos más que pasar nuestros veranos en el lago y ayudar a otras personas a llegar allí también.

Estamos aquí para elevar tu verano.

Conoce a nuestro equipo:


Hi, I'm Jonathan and I'm the founder and current CEO of Camp Canada. I'm originally from the US, but spent my summers as a child and young adult attending camps in Canada. I have worked at 10 camps and outdoor education centres in the US, Australia and Canada and love working in a community of people who share a common purpose. I bike to work year round, enjoy yoga, travelling, spending time with family and meeting participants from around the world as they excitedly arrive in Canada and make their way to camp for the first time!

Fun Fact: I took the Olson twins on a canoe trip in Arizona when they were in high school.


Hi, I'm Rachel. My first camp experience is a little different and I actually spent the summer of 2019 working as a Camp Director, overseeing 4 camps across China! This experience opened up some amazing opportunities and I learnt so much about myself. I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of incredible countries and I'm passionate about spreading the life changing benefits of meaningful travel experiences. Some of my favourite things to do include, spending time in nature, practising yoga and I'm currently teaching myself to play the piano.

Director of Operations - Canada

Hi, I'm Taylor. My love of camp started when I was 8 years old, and attended camp for my first summer! Growing up, I moved from Toronto, to Tennessee, and back again, I guess you can say that summer camp has been the most consistent (and best) thing in my life! I attended a camp in Ontario for over 20 years and have been lucky enough to see camp from many different perspectives; as a camper, counsellors, unit head, and staff coordinator. I love being a part of an organization that shares the magic of camp with people from all over the world!

Fun Fact: My first camp counsellor named her child after me!


Hi, I’m Bastian. I first worked as a camp counsellor for a summer camp in the US after leaving school and I have never looked back! After many more summers working at camp whilst I was at university, and a few years working full time at an all-year-round residential camp, I realised that this industry is what I feel most passionate about. I have been involved in different companies within the cultural exchange sector over the past 16 years and I’m still excited about providing life changing opportunities for our participants. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, being outdoors and focusing on a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness.

Marketing Manager & Team Lead

Hey, I'm Lizzi and you might have seen my face on socials and YouTube. I am here to help you make that first step and sign up for the program but showing you what camp is all about. I went to camp for 4 summers in Maine, USA. I worked in High Ropes & Climbing before leading the Small Crafts department, which was my favourite down on the lake! HWith my own memories of camp, I understand the magic of this experience, and how it can truly change your life whilst impacting so many others. I hope to inspire, entertain and inform you through the content Camp Canada shares across platforms.

Special Projects Team Lead

Hello, my name is Aidan and I’m from a city in northern England called Carlisle. I came to Canada in 2015 to work at a summer camp in Ontario as a counselor and ended up having 4 life-changing summers there. I live in British Colombia and work remotely from whichever mountain or lake I find myself at...or from my dining table in my kitchen. You can find me hiking, camping or in a random restaurant putting way too much gravy on my chips (fries). Controversially, I’m not a fan of maple syrup, my passions lie with football (soccer) and camp! I’m beyond excited to help you achieve your dream summer this season!

Fun Fact: Gordon Ramsey follows me on Twitter.

Community Success Team Lead

Hey, I’m Nicola and you can call me Nic or Niccy. Unlike most of my fellow colleagues, I have never worked at a summer camp and my journey to Camp Canada is a little different. I was raised in a small town just outside of Liverpool and have been lucky enough to spend most summers growing up visiting my aunt in Western Canada. It was hard not to fall in love with the country, people, and way of life. I loved it so much that I finally moved out there for a year and half and made the most amazing friends, explored, and worked in the tourism and hospitality industry. I returned home to complete my Masters degree in International Tourism Management and I’m now working hard to get as many people to experience the many life changing benefits of working and travelling abroad.

Community Success Team Lead

Hi, I'm James. I'm one of the team leads for the Community Success Team. I have never been to camp however I absolutely love all things travel. I'm a serious country geek, I love learning about them, their cities, flags and cultures and I want to visit as many as I can! I did a 3 month trip around South-East Asia a few years ago - cliche I know - and my highlights were Koh Phi Phi in Thailand and Singapore! I'm also a huge lover of pretty much all sports and love a pub quiz!

Team Lead, Direct Hire & Work Permit

Hey, I’m Dillan and I grew up in a city called Leicester - right in the middle of England, but Toronto is my new home! I spent two summers at camp, working as a Camp Counsellor at Camp Echo Lake - it was a life-changing experience for me and I have truly met people I do call my best friends. I’m now the Team Lead for our Direct Hire & Work Permit Team in Canada and I’m beyond excited to help you achieve your camp dreams this summer!

Fun Fact: My first ever festival I went to was in Las Vegas to see Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, SZA and so many more!

Placement Team Lead

Hi, I'm Lizzie! I was born and raised in Toronto Canada and have been spending my summers up at camp since I was 8 years old - 17 years in total! I spent several years as a camper and have done every staff job under the sun; counsellor, activity specialist, unit head and even director! Camp taught me some of my most valuable life skills as an adult and I love it so much that I decided to make a career out of it! I work on the Placement Team here at Camp Canada, working hard with directors to find you the perfect camp for the best summer ever!

Arrivals and Logistics Team Lead

Hi, my name is Sydney. I come from a long line of ""camp people"" and I literally grew up at summer camp--I even took my first steps at Camp Tamakwa! I've been a camper, counsellor, unit head and director at camp for 20+ years and I can safely say that camp is my favourite place on earth. I work as the Arrivals and Logistics Team Lead at Camp Canada and spend my time planning how to get our participants up to camp and on to the summer of a lifetime. Camp is the best place to grow your skills and grow yourself and I love being able to help people get there.

Fun Fact: I once watched a movie in the same theater as Taylor Swift.

Financial Controller

Hi there, I'm Jen and am originally from Alberta, and now live in Toronto. I have joined Camp Canada as the Financial Controller. I have over 20 years of camp experience, which started out teaching Aerobics, moved onto a Unit Head role and then full time director which included working with Camp Canada. Working for an Overnight camp gave me the opportunity to spend my summers with children, youth and young adults including International staff. I am very excited to stay involved with assisting camps and staff from around the world come together to experience the magic of camp!

Logistics Director

Hi, I'm Maike! I am originally from Germany and decided to go to camp in the US during my university semester break. I had the best summer of my life and returned to camp for four more summers, working as a tennis specialist and later on taking the oldest campers on a 4-week road trip across the US. I moved to Canada in 2011 and soon after started working for Camp Canada - I am now the Logistics Director and look forward to helping you coordinate your journey to camp! I love travelling (which has admittedly gotten harder to do with two toddlers), and spending time outdoors with my family.

Placement Team: Account Manager & Qualifications Specialist

Hi, I'm Gemma! I was born and raised in South East England, but I now call Toronto home. I worked as a Camp Counsellor at a camp in Ontario for 2 summers and developed a love for camp and Canada. Working at camp completely changed my life, and I learned so much about myself. I'm delighted to be working on the Placement Team here at Camp Canada, working closely with Camp Directors to ensure the camp you are placed at is a perfect fit. Away from work, I have become a big ice hockey fan - Go Leafs, Go! Top tip for participants: switch off your phone and enjoy everything camp has to offer!

Fun Fact: I used to be a flight attendant!

Placement Team: Account Manager

Hey there, my name is Beth and I am an Account Manager on the Placement Team. I am originally from Ireland and have attended camp in Montreal for 6 seasons now. I started as a camp counsellor and eventually became a Head Staff on the Senior Team for 4 years. I spent my first year with Camp Canada working with the sales team, focusing on recruitment in Ireland. This year I have officially made Toronto my home! I can't wait to help people have their own camp experience and create some great memories!

Community Success Representative

Hi, I'm Mark from the Community Success Team! I moved around a lot growing up, but Liverpool is where I'm from, though I have moved to Toronto. My first camp experience was actually in the USA in 2017, but I have since spent three summers in Canada (2019, 2022 & 2023), primarily leading outdoor activities. At camp, I can usually be found running the Archery Range or guarding the waterfront and I have worked with every age group at camp from 6-18 years old. The only passion I have greater than camp is football, (I refuse to call it soccer) as I'm a massive Liverpool fan, following them across Europe for various finals, although these days I play Field Hockey instead. I love camp as it's the place where you can be the best version of yourself and unlock potential you didn't know you had!

Fun Fact: I had a short story published when I was a child.

Community Success Representative

Hi, I'm Matty and I work on the Sales Team! Unlike most people who work for Camp Canada, I have never actually attended a camp! I do however, share the same passion for travel and culture and that is what has led me to work for the company. My all time favourite travel experience is when I visted Thailand in 2021. I managed to travel to 6 locations in 2 weeks and had some amazing experiences such as visiting an Elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. My other passion is football (soccer) I am a season ticket holder at Everton F.C. and have played football since the age of 5. I also have a degree in Music Production and frequently produce Electronic Music. I am here to answer any initial questions that you may have about the programme!

Fun Fact: My music has been played on BBC Introducing.

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Hi, I’m Olly! I’m the Senior Marketing Coordinator in the Liverpool office. I was born and brought up in a rural village in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales, so I love the outdoors! After studying in Liverpool for 4 years, I decided to stay and move to the city permanently. As I have never been to camp before, being in the position to create content showcasing the opportunity of a lifetime is something I am extremely excited about! Outside of my work, my passions lie with all things sport and music, if I’m not watching Liverpool or the Cleveland Browns, you’ll catch me at a concert or music festival.

Fun Fact: Yes. I can say that very long Welsh word.

Arrivals and Logistics Assistant

Hey, my name is Jemma! I am currently living in Toronto but am originally from the UK. I first came to Canada to work at a summer camp in 2017 and have spent 5 amazing summers in a range of different roles and have absolutely loved every second. I hope to now help you have the same positive experience and embrace everything that life at camp has to offer. My best advice for going to camp would be to get involved as much as possible! Camp is one of those unique places where you can fully be yourself without judgment. It celebrates differences and embraces them fully. So be in the moment and be open to anything!

Fun Fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Work Permit Coordinator

Hi there, I'm Jenny and I'm the Work Permit Coordinator, working with our Direct Hires! I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland, but now call Toronto home. I adore travelling and most of this has stemmed from my first summer spent as a counsellor and videographer at camp! I have since fallen in love with the summer camp experience and returned for four summers, working in various roles, but most recently as a Group Leader, looking after our 6th to 8th grade campers! Outside of camp I love travelling and I've been lucky enough to have backpacked across Central and South America, I'm also a passionate Arsenal fan and a mediocre camogie player. Working at camp has been the best decision I've ever made and I'm very excited to help others to have to opportunity to live it!

Fun Fact: I once made national news after being knocked out by a ball during a game I was watching from the stands.

Engagement and Program Coordinator

Hey, I'm Laya, program coordinator of the Direct Placement and Jewish Placement Programs! I have lived in Toronto for 6 years. I grew up in Ottawa, and went to camp just outside of the city from the ages of 6-21 (and have visited or helped out every summer since). I know camp as a camper, counselor, lifeguard, unit head, and admin. Camp is in my blood - my mom's parents met at the same camp I went to, the same camp my dad and uncles also went to for 17 years. I would not be the person I am, let alone even exist, without summer camp! I have been lucky enough to travel to 36 countries, and I highly value the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share our cultures - something special that international staff can bring to campers in Canada. I am so lucky to work on this team and help people from all over experience the joy of Canadian summer camp!

Fun Fact: I am a PADI certified Scuba Divemaster and have worked in the Caribbean!

Marketing Coordinator

Hey, I’m Lauren! I work on the marketing team as a marketing coordinator in our Liverpool office. If you’ve seen any of our TikTok’s, thats me. Unlike most of my colleagues, I’ve never actually experienced a summer at camp, however I understand the importance of cultural exchange and how travel can enrich your life. Outside of work you can find me charity & antique shopping, travelling, snapping photos on my film camera, and attending art exhibitions. You can also catch me wearing a beret 24/7!

Fun fact - Canada is the first country I’ve visited in North America!

Community Success Representative

Hey, I’m Lizzie (also known as Lizzo!) and I’m on the Community Success team at Camp Canada! I’m originally from North Wales, however, I have lived in Liverpool, UK, for 5 years! I'm a massive foodie, traveller and always up for trying something new! In 2019, I was lucky enough to travel and work as a camp counsellor at a summer camp in Seattle, USA, which I absolutely loved. Working at a summer camp gave me invaluable insight into the summer camp culture and friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope to pass my experience on to future participants wanting to experience the same.

Fun Fact: Lizzo is my childhood and camp name which originated before the singer Lizzo!

Community Success Representative

Hiya, I'm Olivia but everyone calls me Liv. I spent one summer at Camp as a Cheerleading Counsellor. I am originally from Newcastle but have called Liverpool my home for the last 4 years. Camp shaped me as a young adult and I love that my role allows me to pass on the baton to the next eager participant. I work as a apart of the Community Success Team here in Liverpool!

Fun Fact: I have many national titles in Cheerleading including University titles!

Community Success Representative

Hiya. My name is Andy and I'm from the amazing city of Liverpool. Like some of us here in the Camp Canada family, I have never attended a summer camp before. But throughout my life, I have had amazing opportunities to live and work abroad. From working for Disney both in their parks and their cruise line to completing a ski season in France I have been so fortunate to experience all these amazing things in life. I have a degree and masters in theatre, it has always been a passion of mine since my very first nativity play. My other huge passion is my city, here we are known as scousers and I couldn't be prouder to be from Liverpool. In my spare time, you will usually catch me watching the mighty Reds.

Fun Fact: Whilst on a Ski trip I was caught in an avalanche and partially buried. But of course, I'm here to tell the tale!

Community Success Representative

Hey! My name is Mark and I am from Dublin Ireland! I am part of the Community Success Team for Ireland and France in the Liverpool office. I'm going to be moving to Liverpool to join the team! I did the Camp Canada program in Summer 2023 where I went to a Tim Hortons camp in Quebec and loved it so much I decided to stay for the Fall session too! My camp name (a name given to counselors in Tims Camps) was Barbie! I know what you're thinking.. a bald guy.. called Barbie, BUT it stuck and matches my positive personality. I can’t wait to go back to Canada because I fell in love with Quebec and the poutine (which I miss every day). I love traveling and you won't catch me in the same place for too long since I love exploring and seeing the world.

Fun Fact: I have (as of this year) lived in 4 countries!

Team Mascot

Hey everyone, I'm Maple, the beloved mascot of Camp Canada! As the face of Camp Canada, you might have seen me on our social media, or out and about in Liverpool. I loved getting pictures taken and promoting the magic of summer camp as well as the spirit of the great Canadian wilderness. Don't be afraid to stop and say hello if you see me!