not your average working day.

a day at camp

A day at Camp Canada is not like a regular working day. It is full of fun and challenging activities, entertainment, and time to relax and eat.



wake up

Time to wake up and get ready for the day ahead with your campers.



It's time for the most important meal of the day. You'll be sure to find something to eat that you'll love. And if you ask any Canadian, they will tell you that Canada does breakfast better than most, and they're not wrong.



This is the time that everyone looks forward to. Activity Specialists will be spending this time teaching campers their skill, counsellors will be taking the campers to the activities (and joining in), and campers will be trying something new or improving their skills.


lunch time

It's time for everyone to refuel and get ready for the afternoon activities. Lunch consists of not only amazing Canadian food, but also some of your favourite lunchtime foods from around the world.


rest hour

Time to take an hour away from the afternoon sun and let lunch settle. This is often one of the most precious hours of the day as it prepares you for the afternoon and evening.


more activities

It's one of the main focuses of camp, and there is a whole afternoon of activities lined up for campers to enjoy and for Activity Specialists to teach.


snack time

Time for a quick break to enjoy a snack and refuel, everyone loves this short break, not only for the rest, but also for the delicious snacks.


back to activities

Time to finish off the day with some more activities, often these are a bit more relaxed than the earlier sessions, so expect a few hours of fun games for the campers.


dinner time

The final meal of the day could be classic Canadian foods, or something else from around the world. Either way, one thing is guaranteed. Not only will it be well needed after a day of activities, but also absolutely delicious.


evening activities

From traditional camp fires, to talent shows and bunk sneak outs. The evening activities offer a chance for everyone on camp to get together and enjoy some group activities.



After a long day, full of activities, laughter, and great food. It is time for everyone to relax and go to bed. Recharge the batteries and get ready for another day full of activities and excitement.

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